Make Time for Story

A Tale of Discovery
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Agnès is a twelve-year-old runaway who dreams of her father’s return from across the sea. After a chance encounter with an ageing artist and inventor, she learns of his dream of building a flying machine and resolves to help him … Read More

Telling Tales and Rhymes
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Welcome.   My name is Stephen Münzer. I love being creative, and I love a good story. Over the years, I have written and illustrated craft books that show children how to make cool spaceships, racing cars and planes.   … Read More

Techno Twist
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Little Red Riding Bot is small and red – and rides a super motor scooter. Find out what happens when she meets a terrible Robo-Wolf on the way to deliver Grandma Nell’s shopping. Click the trailer below to find out … Read More

Favourite Time of the Day
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As a primary school teacher, my favourite time of the day was always storytime.   With everyone sitting on the carpet, I would reach for a book, and we would all disappear into another world.   When reading Roald Dahl’s … Read More

Creative Minds and Hands
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  If you like the idea of making cool planes, cars and spaceships, then check out the three Junkcraft titles on the bookshelf. Each book shows you how to turn everyday items from the recycle bin into something amazing. Only … Read More

Tips from Philip Ardagh
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  Meeting up with Philip Ardagh at the London Book Fair was lots of fun. He has written some of the funniest and wildest tales for kids. I am a big fan of his Eddie Dickens stories as well as … Read More

Little Red Riding Bot