Agnès is a runaway who dreams of her father’s return from across the sea. After a chance encounter with an aged inventor and artist, she learns of his dream to build a flying machine.

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Within the Manor of Le Cloux, where the Birdman lives, she discovers incredible books and drawings, as well as the frame of a flying machine hanging up in his workshop.

With the help of Melzi, the Birdman’s apprentice, Agnès learns to read his books and finds a way to finish the flying machine. It will be a testament to his genius and bring glory to all France.

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This book was bought for my 10 year old granddaughter at Christmas. She absolutely loved it, it has a fantastic story line. A great book.


I’m in the middle of reading Agnes and the Birdman. So far It’s amazing. I can tell already that I will be needing a sequel.


I loved this book! What a great story!



Lilly – 8 Years old

I really loved this book. I loved this book because it made me love reading even more than I did before I started reading it and I used to love reading a lot! I read this book every night until I was so tired that I could not keep my eyes open. When I was done reading this book I was very sad that it was over.


I’ve finished Agnes and absolutely loved it. It made me cry at the end. (Always the sign of a great book for me) It is a wonderful story of courage, friendship, heartbreak, resilience, and survival against all odds. I fell in love with the character of Agnes right from the start of the novel, and was rooting for her throughout. I am hoping she goes on to have many more amazing adventures.

Grandpa Berbert

Loved this historical fiction novel – my grandchildren did too! A fun and educational journey to another place and time. No generation gaps here as we learn how both young and old can help each other, learn from each other and find success together.

Gervase Phinn – Author and Educator

I very much enjoyed the story. It was a captivating tale, well-researched, full of interesting characters and entertaining incidents. There was real pace to the story.

Trollope (my favourite writer) said all good novels should have an angel and a devil. I warmed to little Agnes and found the dark and brooding Marshal Lupus a wonderful villain. It is a cracking good read.