Agnes and the Birdman


First Edition – Published August 2019

When Agnes, a twelve-year-old runaway, encounters a white-bearded stranger and his young apprentice, her life changes forever. Follow her incredible journey as she helps the Birdman realise his dream of building a flying machine that will fill the universe with wonder and bring glory to all of France.
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9 years and upwards.
265 pages
25 black and white illustrations plus map.

Ruby Overhill-Cossu 

Thrilling and exciting, you never know what’s going to happen next. I would recommend this book to anyone. Personally I think it is the best book I have read. I think it is a great way to mark 500 years since Leonardo Da Vinci came to his death. He must have been a wonderful person.


This book was bought for my 10 year old granddaughter at Christmas. She absolutely loved it, it has a fantastic story line. A great book.


I’m in the middle of reading Agnes and the Birdman. So far It’s amazing. I can tell already that I will be needing a sequel.

Faith Abell-Weck

I really enjoyed the book. It is very detailed and realistic. While I was reading this book I could picture the entire thing in my head. I love this book. It is now one of my favourites. I loved the part when Agnes rebuilt the flying machine and it flew! I hope you make more of these amazing books.


I loved this book! What a great story!

Lilly – 8 Years old

I really loved this book. I loved this book because it made me love reading even more than I did before I started reading it and I used to love reading a lot! I read this book every night until I was so tired that I could not keep my eyes open. When I was done reading this book I was very sad that it was over.


I’ve finished Agnes and absolutely loved it. It made me cry at the end. (Always the sign of a great book for me) It is a wonderful story of courage, friendship, heartbreak, resilience, and survival against all odds. I fell in love with the character of Agnes right from the start of the novel, and was rooting for her throughout. I am hoping she goes on to have many more amazing adventures.

Grandpa Berbert

Loved this historical fiction novel – my grandchildren did too! A fun and educational journey to another place and time. No generation gaps here as we learn how both young and old can help each other, learn from each other and find success together.

Gervase Phinn – Author and Educator

I very much enjoyed the story. It was a captivating tale, well-researched, full of interesting characters and entertaining incidents. There was real pace to the story.

Trollope (my favourite writer) said all good novels should have an angel and a devil. I warmed to little Agnes and found the dark and brooding Marshal Lupus a wonderful villain. It is a cracking good read.

Sarah Firm – All Saints School, York

Stephen led a brilliant workshop on Agnes and the Birdman for All Saints’ Library. Students were tantalised by his display of objects, particularly the model of a mysterious flying machine hanging above them. As an experienced teacher, Stephen knew exactly how to pitch the session for years 7-9. After an engaging reading, he explained his sources of inspiration utilising his intriguing objects. Students were spellbound and particularly valued the opportunity to ask him questions. A testament to the power of the visit is that our 6 copies of the book are all checked out with a waiting list (several months later). In particular I saw a significant interest in reading kindled in our year 7 boys. Students loved the character of Agnes, who is intelligent, resilient, courageous and loyal. Her character and story are so compelling, I found myself totally engrossed, willing her to succeed. The powerful message I got from the book is to keep trying no matter what obstacles you face.

Liv – Woodthorpe School – Having the author in to read his own work was inspiring and really interesting to listen to how he told his story. The first chapter of the book is really gripping, I couldn’t wait to read the rest of it!

Bethany  – Woodthorpe School – I loved the drama workshop because it brought the story to life. It was great to have the opportunity to take the role of a character.

Lottie – Woodthorpe School – It was really fun to do some drama and act out part of the story. It was also useful to visualise the story rather than just read it.

Collette Young – Osbaldwick Primary Academy

Stephen Munzer provided the class with a wonderful introduction to his book, Agnes & the Birdman. They were fascinated by the lovely model of the flying machine that he brought and the inclusion of role play went down really well. Stephen related to the children very well and they were engaged for the whole session. It was great for the children to be introduced to such a wonderful historical character as many of them were not familiar with Leonardo. It provided me with an opportunity to discuss the artistic side of the man and promote figure drawing. The book is well pitched for Y5 to Y8 and contains lots of good vocabulary to stimulate writing.  The themes of perseverance, imagination, bravery and young and old working together all seemed relevant plus it’s always good to discover a strong female character.